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Privacy policy - Introduction

The total editors of our site, they should keep of our website privacy. Privacy of website means the personal information of the website owner. But this site can not be used by the site agent or employer. Only the site editor and the owner will control this site. You have to understand how to control your site. So you can take more about preserve your privacy. You have to read more the using your site terms. Please read carefully, the important information is given below.

Data collection

At first you have to be a registered for using our site. You will have legal email address and a consumer name. You will not need to be added more information if the information is unnecessary. The site editor will accept your information which is very essential for this site. There are also several logs file where includes your secrecy information. Such as- IP address cookies data and much advertisement information. The information of advertising will serve for your site. Your logs files are opened only by you and the site editor. The information about how to publish any types of advertises of this site. You can collect those data about advertising and can share with others. Knowing this information many user can visit our site.

How to use of data

  1. You are a user in this website, when you will use the data from this site, then your experience will be healthy on this website. They will assure that nobody could know about your privacy information until you supply your ID no. to others.
  1. You can share your using data to a third man, using to opt -out or opt- in option.
  1. We can communicate with third party on this site, when he will be an applicant of provider.
  1. You have to obey the rules and regulation for using of our site.
  1. It is true that, you use our site, if you break up our site rules- servicing terms of use, any kinds of policy, and the using guideline, the editor would save the sites property. It is his right to protect the site.
  2. If the third party sells this website, he would use the all types of data in same way. In the case, you can also use those links to use other website. It is true that they will not assure of to save your privacy. For learning more you have to read this website which is related with privacy policy.


All types of aged people would not use our website. To use a website, age is a great fact. Below 18 years people are not legal for using this website.