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The History of Blackjack Games - What is Blackjack


It is believed that France is where the blackjack games originally came from. It was in the 17th century that the first recording of blackjack games was found to be 21 (vingt-et-un). No one ever really knows where most games originated. The same goes for blackjack games. Many just guess as to where the beginning of this game truly came from. It is thought that blackjack games originated from other French games that are like this one. However, this is probably not the case because most gambling games were built on precise calculations. Most casino games do not mimic another casino game.

Blackjack games are rather popular with Russians. In Russia, blackjack games are mainly known as Ochko which means the hole or 21. In Russia, blackjack games aren't only played in casinos but are also played in homes by those who are very passionate about the game and know all blackjack tips. Blackjack games are also known under the names of California Aces and pontoon. The English version known as blackjack games originated from the French game when it was rewarded for getting the Ace and Jack of spades in the first two cards. Since the first card was the Jack "jack" of spades "black," it was known as blackjack.

Blackjack games came to the United States not long after the French revolution. Its popularity spread due to its freedom and flexibility. The all time best gamblers soon found out that blackjack games were wonderful for bending the bets and blackjack odds. At that point in time, the US government didn't regulate gambling. This made it easy for blackjack games to become even more popular based on the fact that it was unlike any other game. The US government started regulating gambling in the early 19th century. This happened because the industry of gambling had gotten out of control. The statistics for organized crime and corruption increased dramatically. In 1910, gambling was considered illegal in the entire state of Nevada. This only caused the gambling industry to go into the underground forming the center of criminalization that we know today as gangsters. As the city of Las Vegas came back to light, blackjack games became a part of every casino. Since the other states were all conservative, they did not feel the need to reinstate the casinos for gambling. This caused Las Vegas to become the center of gambling in the United States rather quickly.

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There are a lot of internesting resources about blackjack. I'd like to recommend Blackjack Doc and Ace 10. Both provide useful information: rules, tips, where to play, etc.